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Welcome... your possibility to get your music recorded in a great and professional sounding way.

Nowadays, you don’t need to book huge recording studios with extremely expensive analog hardware anymore to get great sounding records. Excellently sounding equipment has become affordable and digital technology is continuously moving forward.

So why don’t you go on a shopping spree and produce your music on your own?

A high-quality product can only be achieved by experience and passion for the craftsmanship of sound- and music production. I, myself once started from scratch and learned it the hard way, since I didn’t want to pay the costs of bigger recording studios, which seemed exorbitantly high. However, it took me many years and cost a lot of money to get professionally and competitively sounding results.

In order to benefit from the experience I gathered over the last years, in which I spent a big part of my free time in strengthening of my abilities in recording and producing audio material, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Specialized in Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Punk and everything in between

Experience is one thing when you want to achieve great results. The other one is passion.

Several times, I have experienced that local bands got an offer from someone, who had the possibility to produce their music in a big studio. And each and every time, these musicians haven’t been happy with the results, though the producers were experienced and had access to high-end equipment. The thing, that was obviously missing here, was passion for the artist’s specific genre of music. These guys usually produced other styles of music. Jazz, Classical Music, beat-music or whatever. They missed the ability to feel into the musicians and to understand what they wanted to achieve with their music or its intended impact on the listener. Maybe, they were also lacking specific production techniques for that genre.

In terms of music, I grew up in the world of distorted guitars. And I am still a huge fan of Metal but also Punk, Rock etc. Therefore, I know what the music should be like and what musicians and their audience expect concerning the sound of this music.

That’s the reason why I feel able to achieve very good results in these styles of music. But you should better convince yourself about this and listen to some of my references.